Marking the launch of ‘The Art of Performance', Jaguar MENA is introducing the first film in its ‘Forward Thinkers' series with the story of one of Kuwait's most popular social media influencers, Hamad Qalam. Collaborating with individuals from countries across MENA the ‘Forward Thinkers' film series profiles individuals recognized as progressive thinkers in their respective fields.

Drawing comparisons between Hamad's story and the Jaguar XE, his film focuses on his motivation and drive to use technology and social media to connect to wider audiences and become one of the most influential online figures in Kuwait.

Commenting on the effect social media and technology have had on the world's connectivity, Hamad begins by saying: “The evolution of technology and its impact on our lives has a good side and a bad side. The good side I'm referring to is how it made the world smaller. We can now meet the whole world through a mobile phone screen.”

Speaking about the new film and platform, Chris Wilde, Brand Director for Jaguar Land Rover MENA said: “Jaguar is a brand which combines thrilling performance, class-leading design with intelligent innovation and technologies across its range of products and services. Keeping these traits at the heart of our business, we are aiming to embody our brand promise through our newly launched ‘The Art of Performance' campaign with projects like ‘Forward Thinkers'.”

Hamad's infectious positivity and enthusiasm have played a big part in making him a widely followed figure in his society and he is eager to continue listening and connecting with people. His continuous efforts to use his influential status to raise awareness around charitable causes have earned him a number of accolades and awards including the ‘Kuwait Influential Figures Award' and the ‘Warif Qatar – Our Role in Social Media and Charity Award'.